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1 decade ago in Tiled Map Editor plugin:

nice! as it turns out I have also been working on one the past few days. mine i…

1 decade ago in Windows 8 Xbox Controller Support:

I've created an impact plugin to get xbox controllers working in windows 8…

1 decade ago in Game for Candy Jam:

Won't load on ipad, and too small

1 decade ago in Flatchy Bird - Another Flappy Bird clone built in ImpactJS:

Works we'll on my ipad, nice job

1 decade ago in Starfield:

for those interested, I just updated the class now that I've learned a bit…

1 decade ago in Blueshift - Kill As Many Baddies As You Can In 60 Seconds!:

fun, challenging, and the source is helpful! thank you!

1 decade ago in [TechDemo++ CrossCode - Throwing energy balls with SOUND AND MUSIC:

wow, that's a really impressive, fun, and cool game!

1 decade ago in Starfield:

is the Entity prefix some sort of required naming convention that WM looks for …

1 decade ago in Starfield:

Here is a star field background class I made. It uses the context to draw the s…