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10 years ago by FragOnly

I have created a simple plugin to support the Tiled Map Editor JSON file format from inside of impact (

Some of the features it supports today are:
Loading saved JSON files at runtime
Supports orthogonal map orientation
Square tile size
Multiple tile sets per tile layer
Ordered tile layers

10 years ago by Warspawn

nice! as it turns out I have also been working on one the past few days. mine is a bit different and requires the use of impact-layers.

10 years ago by Cless

Awesome! Thanks for this. Very useful. :)

10 years ago by Cless

I've had a few hours to try out both plugins. I'll probably stick with Warspawn's, mainly because it doesn't force you to load the JSON via XMLHttpRequest. (But that would be a really useful development feature to add.)

The first plugin loads the file from lib/games/levels via XHR, but that's only useful during development. In production, there will be no lib folder, presumably.
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