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Flatchy Bird

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1 decade ago by curiousphil

We decided to bust out yet another Flappy Bird clone. Our initial goal was two days, but its looking a little more like 3.5 days at this point for the web version. We thought a farting bird would be pretty funny. We repurposed some of the artwork from another one of our games to save a little time and built it using ImpactJS. There is a leader board that records your best score. Admittedly, I sucked at Flappy Bird and I'm not that much better at Flatchy Bird so I expect you will beat my highscore pretty quickly. There are still some minor bugs and such, but overall it should be fairly playable on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. We hope to get it on the App Store in the next week or so just for kicks. What do you think?

1 decade ago by Warspawn

Works we'll on my ipad, nice job

1 decade ago by curiousphil

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