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 by Joncom
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1 decade ago by Joncom

There's 60 seconds on the clock.
Every wave you complete grants you 10 more seconds.
Killing enemies quick enough nets you double points.
What score can you get?

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1 decade ago by Warspawn

fun, challenging, and the source is helpful! thank you!

10 years ago by stahlmanDesign

I love this game. Simple and addictive. I got the high score of 3184

10 years ago by vincentpiel

Nice game, very nervous.

It didn't load on first attempt on Chrome / Mac OS X, but with a reload it went all right (!?).
Your link to the source code is broken.
Please bind the mouse right click so that it won't popup a context menu on erroneous click.
You could easily have nicer enemies i guess.
Why not make a parallax star scroller behind ?
I did a small one just for demo using my particle engine here :

mouse the mouse near the center to change speed.

You could have variation on ship speed depending on mouse distance to the ship.

Rq : There is somehow a bias in your game : when you win you will win, when you loose you will loose : i mean if you have shield + fire bonus most likely you will kill everyone and have another shield + fire bonus. If you have nothing you will get killed and still remain with nothing. Maybe there's something to do to balance that.

Bottom line : your game is fresh, fun to play, music is cool, we want to play again.

Put also the name of the game creator in the title screen !! :-)
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