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8 years ago by Kurath

I've tried to make a little game server on my raspberry pi.
For this i used this project:
But i've got a few problem with the project i've got diffrent nodejs/ based games on the raspberry pi and they all worked but this one didn't.

At the moment i got everything installed an i got this folder structur on my server:

When i start the server with node start.js i've got this response:
$0: /usr/local/bin/node
$1: /home/pi/gib/start.js
$2016-05-31T22:17:20.888Z Socket server listening on port 3000.

So the server should be running, right? would be the host and the port number of the server and if i go to that i got not any error instead i see the game without my own player its just the blank map and in the corner i get the message:
Entities count: 11
Living players:
Named Clients:0

i don't see any error but it doesnt work at all...
Hopefully someone can help me.

8 years ago by Joncom

The server is running OK. When you go to you are looking at a screenshot of the game running on the server.

However, you need to run the client now. Port 3000 is already the server, so you need to host the client somewhere else, and open "index.html" in a browser.

Make sure "config.js" points to the server so that the client can connect to it.

8 years ago by Kurath

sounds maybe like a stupid question but how do i run/host the client?

8 years ago by Joncom

Quote from Kurath
sounds maybe like a stupid question but how do i run/host the client?
The following link covers how to set up a web server so that you can run local ImpactJS games in your browser.

Running the client just means running the game in your browser.
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