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1 decade ago by gashiss

Hello, I have a problem with weiltmester, but I think it can be solved easily somewhere in the cfg file.
By default every tile put on a map on the main layer, result ,by default, as a solid collision tile in the collision layer.
Where do I change this?

Another question that pop up in my mind, is :
Does it exist any mean for assigning each tile of a tileset a solid or no-solid, or other value?

This can be good for terrain stuff in a strategy game for example.

Thanks in advance, the engine and tools are great!

1 decade ago by fugufish

not entirely sure about this, but i think it's not solid by default.

it's solid only if you defined a "collision" layer, and you check the "link with collision" box , clicked apply and then painted.

1 decade ago by gashiss

mmm not working, but thanks anyway fugufish.

1 decade ago by Arantor

That sounds to me as though you're painting on the normal layer with link with collision set, which means it's going to paint.

Now, I seem to recall that the collision layer only really supports solid/non solid, rather than partial solid, and that anything else is really designed to be handled with triggers (though, strategy games aren't really a focus, and you'd probably handle it in other ways anyway)

1 decade ago by gashiss

sorry everyone I was definitely trying to paint with normal layer linked to collision,
the thing was I didn't ticked the "apply change" box. it's now working goodly,
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