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1 decade ago by sleenee

I guess everyone here is in need for some art from time to time and I know there are a lot of possibilities out there. I don't know with what or who you are working currently in order to get you the graphics you want but maybe we can share that here.

As placeholder sets I have been using some sets you can easily find online. Those are always small tilesets, never a complete picture of what you want to build of course :). Just type "free tilesets" in google and you'll easily find the same ones I used. Also there is a program called "rpg maker", if you were to buy that I guess you also buy the rights to publish their tilesets and that is a huge consistent database of tilesets and animation sheets (one style only though: typical medieval rpg).

I also worked together with an artist : Lou from And I must say i was satisfied with the art he provided so that is an option for anyone who wants to buy his or her art from an artist.

But it's nice to know the other options , which artists are out there, what does everyone here use for art, do you use programs to make them yourself , buy, download, … ?

1 decade ago by wachunga

The assets that come with RPG Maker unfortunately can't legally be used in games created with Impact:

Please note that any modification of the exe, dll, or other game files generated by RPG Maker or IG Maker is forbidden. Also, you may not use the materials included in the software (or add-on package) within other game engines or software.

I doubt the company would pursue legal action, but you never know.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

I doubt the company would pursue legal action, but you never know.

Such a bad thing to say/suggest. ;)

Several different resources listed here:
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