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1 decade ago by ShaunSullivan

Hi guys, we have just released the final beta of Alchemium. Alchemium lets you write native (Windows Only) applications using HTML5 and JavaScript, and extend them with .NET.

Alchemium applications compile with an embedded fork of Chromium (On par with Chrome 31) so while games were not our original target, it occurred to me that Alchemium might be a great fit for distributing your HTML5 games as native apps, submitting them to Steam Green Light etc.

To give you a quick example I took the "Super Generic Jump n Run" Impact sample app and compiled it with Alchemium. You can download and try the install from here:

Let us know what you think and please try Alchemium, it is in open beta currently.


Shaun Sullivan
CEO, electric plum

1 decade ago by Krisjet

So I just tried this out for one of my projects, and it seems to be working surprisingly well, especially in comparison to other similar things I've tried. Easy to install and fast to get projects up and running. Had an issue with the sound effects though, it seemed like they would only play once, and never again. I might use this in the future, to try to get Little Big Mansion on Steam Green Light!

1 decade ago by drhayes

I've been meaning to try out node-webkit but haven't had a chance.

That way you'd get Windows, OSX, and Linux. Combined with greenworks, a node module for interfacting with Steam, you could even release on Steam!

10 years ago by Oliver

Man... you definitely have a client!!!

10 years ago by Krisjet

Just tried this again for Partypillars and one AWESOME side effect of having a native version is the input lag. It seems so much better than in the browser. Haven't tested this, but it really feels like it's a significant improvement. Will definitely get the Pro version of this.
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