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1 decade ago by Arantor

OK, so that's a step up from what it sounded like before (which was "I want a company, of other people making games)

So, any games in development? Screenshots? Concepts?

Thing is, I'm still getting the impression that anyone you "hire" is going to end up working and not getting the full benefit of what they could get if they did it themselves... Wanting a company is all good but you need a business plan, and one that doesn't seem to be wny more than "making money... ???... Profit!"

1 decade ago by Jerczu

That is a great employment opportunity we are employing but not paying but we may pay you if we earn something.... Awesome.... By this example I'm employing as well anyone interested? I'll be able to pay you nothing... You'll make charitable donation of your skills and if I make profit I may or may not share it with you.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

It's not an employment but a cooperation opportunity. I'm currently in similar scheme with my animator friend we make games as a hobby and then if they make money we share profit... In next 7-10 days we release our first iOS game.

1 decade ago by Arantor

Here's the other thing though... let's say you and I work together and both release a game, and my game makes 10x what yours does (or vice versa) - am I really going to give you 50% of what comes in, even though 90% of that was down to me?

On the flip side, if you work collaboratively on a game, everyone had an equal part to play, and everyone gets an equal share of the profits. But that isn't the case being proposed.

Here's the thing: collaboration is a wonderful thing when everyone does their fair share and gets a fair share of the proceeds. But if you do a fair share and make more income, you are going to feel like you're carrying the others to a point.

(I've been there, I've seen this before. I don't think it's a wise proposition.)

1 decade ago by godlymodly

ok sorry i haven't gotten back for awhile and yes I know what you mean so I guess I'll give up on this forum p.s I will check if any1 posts anything
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