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9 years ago by Voldem

Hi All!
Today i found my game on AppStore, but i don`t give any agree.
Some one with name Pratik Patel does it.

but also i see another HTML5 games in his profile and I am sure that Pratik stole that games too. Pls see list of games, maybe Your game in that list too.

9 years ago by FelipeBudinich

Thankfully none of mine is in there, I suggest you to set up google alerts with the name of your games in order to catch pirates.

9 years ago by Voldem

Quote from FelipeBudinich
... I suggest you to set up google alerts with the name of your games in order to catch pirates.

Ohh, thank you for good idea )))

9 years ago by Voldem

One more thief:

Mirazul Islam

Please don`t close eyes for this problem. May be next time you will see your game in case another thief....

9 years ago by FelipeBudinich

The important thing is that you should send a DMCA takedown notice:

I scrap the net once per week, to extort money from pirates, they are one of my main sources of income


(basically you need to send them a properly worded email, and they'll personally remove your stuff or pay up what you are asking for)

Hello, I'm Felipe Budinich, representing X, owners of Y.

As of 17 of November 2014, your sites are currently under violation of X's copyright. ( evidence here: )

We'll be issuing a DMCA takedown notice to your hosting provider (Amazon IP: ), and thus your sites will be taken down.

Additionally your company violated our game's DRM, and thus you are liable to have your sites delisted from google searches by the second takedown notice we'll send to Google, and other web search providers.

We will pursue action to assure the maximum amount of damages allowed by international law, or your company may want to settle with us outside of court instead, you can either:

1.- Remove the game from your site by monday 24 of November 2014. And we'll pursue no further action.

2.- Or acquire a non-exclusive license for commercial exploitation of web version of the game for $X dollars to be paid by monday 24 of November 2014 to this paypal account:

Best regards.

9 years ago by Voldem

Thank You for links and very good instruction! At now access to my game is closed.

Also now i have three links for claim:




9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

@Voldem Thanks for posting this. I didn't even think of this kind of thing happening.

@FelipeBudinich Thanks for all this information and a sample of the kind of letter you send out to offenders.
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