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8 years ago in Password + License problem:

I've got the following problem: I registered my ImpactJs license with a…

9 years ago in Persistence: Save & Load Level State:

This looks fantastic I'll give it a try later :D

9 years ago in table-view.js (Debugging Tool):

Nice! :D

9 years ago in To where is Impact headed?:

I think that Dominic really needs a community manager for the forums. Personal…

9 years ago in Any "Spriter" import plugin yet?:

Spriter is currently on sale, just bought a couple of keys: http://store.ste…

9 years ago in Impact++?:

They usually post here, but I don't actually use Impact++ they are talking…

9 years ago in Feature Suggestion: Mobile Debug CSS:

That's a very nice point you have there, this is something I would like to…

9 years ago in Impact - is it still worth it?:

@Codestar Impact allows you to inject a class in place, you are not forced to …

9 years ago in Impact-node Node.js CLI, packager and server:

their build script is *exactly* what I was looking for, thanks for sharing!

9 years ago in Selling own made Impactjs games:

Exactly what @stahlmanDesign said.

9 years ago in Split Screens:

@Joncom You made my day, that's awesome!

9 years ago in The best way to package impact games for different platforms.:

@RockLeo I've never had a game that ran well using Cordova/Phonegap. The…

9 years ago in webgl error, need help:

wow that's awesome, thanks a lot!

9 years ago in Is Impact still being developed?:

I'm waiting for this:…

9 years ago in Any news on impactjs 2.0 or further updates for current version?:

@drhayes Impact now uses web audio by default, so there's no need to use H…

9 years ago in Impact optimization:

In my experience you don't need to worry about anything but: Performance:…

9 years ago in Action RPG for your desktop/phone. Looking for feedback.:

You are doing a terrific job :) I would suggest you to do smaller maps tho, …

9 years ago in CrossCode Demo:

Congratulations on getting the proyect greenlit :)

9 years ago in Can anyone help with Ads using Cocoon JS?:

Haven't done it yet, but do you have some code samples of what you have at…

9 years ago in Server Crash:

Thanks very much for letting us know.

9 years ago in Outsourcing level design?:

It would be very good to have Dominic clarify this.

9 years ago in Questions on collaboration:

I'm unaware of Dominic's stance on your questions, but you could use …

9 years ago in I found pirate who publish our games on AppStore:

The important thing is that you should send a DMCA takedown notice: http://www.…

9 years ago in Baking problem -- The canvas element can not be shown after baking:

Or post the code to a github repo so we can take a look, this is pretty weird.

9 years ago in ig.Timer.set() in future (positive number)?:

Doh! that is such a simple solution, genius :)

9 years ago in Fire Emblem: Chronicles of the Abyss:

Nice work! I'll be taking a look at your source code :)

9 years ago in I found pirate who publish our games on AppStore:

Thankfully none of mine is in there, I suggest you to set up google alerts with…

9 years ago in ig.Timer.set() in future (positive number)?:

It seems that you'll need to create your own timer that extends ig.Timer. …

9 years ago in Plugin error with weltmeister:

@drhayes Could you please explain why: ## return !ig.Dibujaceldas.instance …

9 years ago in Baking problem -- The canvas element can not be shown after baking:

are you sure that you are including game.min.js in the script tags? does the co…