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9 years ago by Joncom

Ludum Dare is a game-making event where a "theme" is announced at the start of the event, and you have to design and create a game from start to finish in a weekend, pretty much from scratch (but can use engines like Impact).

It starts in just a little over 6 hours from now...

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Some really cool ideas there. It's amazing what people can do in such a short time.

Another cool thing about Ludum Dare is that you have to share source code at the end.

I first really started to understand Impact when I looked at a Ludum Dare source code from a few years ago for a game called Dino Love.

I wonder if people are still using Impact at Ludum Dare. I see a lot of Unity these days.

9 years ago by mimik

There is the combo And the more relaxed jam part.
I think i saw every type of engine out there. Lots of html5 games.

We created a fast game in about and day for the jam.

I used Impact just for the speed of it. But this could have been easily made without any framework, its simply faster to use a entity component system with a nice gameloop. Not sure if i saw any impact.js made games. But there where a lot of construct 2 games out there this time around.

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