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1 decade ago by LazerFriends

Hi all, I'm a total javascript newbie and I was just wondering what kind of skills would be required to take full advantage of Impact.


1 decade ago by fugufish

willingness to learn, follow the documentation and ask us whenever you hit a roadblock.

in the longer term, some object oriented theory to help design a more 'organized' game.

1 decade ago by fugufish

also try to understand the example code from Dominic. Try to build around it, modify its properties, etc.

1 decade ago by LazerFriends

Awesome. Thanks for the reply.

1 decade ago by alexandre

I'm experienced at C, Objective-C, and very familiar with a few others. Javascript was new for me but seemed so familiar that I thought it would be a no-brainer. So I bought Impact 2 weeks ago. It's been fun but I soon hit a few conceptual road blocks. Dominic's examples are very useful, and couple that with a very friendly and helpful forum and community and all problems solved.

For safety's sake I picked up No Starch Press' Eloquent Javascript. It's well-written hence a fast read. Recommended for clarifying some areas.

1 decade ago by LazerFriends

Cool alexandre, I will check out that book!

1 decade ago by SlouchCouch

I started learning javascript from absolute scratch in september of 2011. I have two games done now with impact.

dominic's absolutely fantastic documentation has done wonders for my learning javascript and Impactjs.
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