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1 decade ago by dmen

Looks quite interesting:

1 decade ago by garyk1968

Well Intel bought appmobi which originally did the XDK.

However appmobi used to be a paid for option which included Impact for the gaming element. So I guess the question is what makes up the gaming part now?

Can't be Impact which you still have to pay for if Intel are giving away the suite for free.


1 decade ago by IntelTyler

Heya guys,

The Intel gaming XDK allows better integration between level editing and using our XDK to deploy your app to the stores. So instead of editing a level, saving, copying that file, pasting it in the right folder in your XDK project. We just integrated the welt into our environment. If you have a Impact license, you just have to browse to your weltmeister HTML file and validate you bought a key.

Hope that clarifies!
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