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1 decade ago by LaserBeam


How do you guys transfer your game from your Mac to an iPhone or iPad to test it?

1 decade ago by Arantor

Well... it sort of depends how you're trying to test it. If you're trying to test it as if it's a web app (i.e. it's going to be distributed on the web), I put it on a web server that's behind my firewall and point my iPad at it, just as real users would do.

If it's going to built as a native app, which I haven't done that much with, I'll put together an iOSImpact project, and test it in the simulator first, before going through the build for a physical device from there in XCode.

Don't know about AppMobi stuff though, didn't get that far with it.

1 decade ago by LaserBeam

Hi Arantor,

I had a look at AppMobi and as Dominic has as well a link to their side under 'Tools' I had good hopes. However I was very surprised to find on their forum as well as here a lot of unhappy people, especially regarding how customers are getting treated by the AppMobi staff. Also what made me wonder was that in the Impact's forum people who had to say something positive about AppMobi where people who posted mostly only about how 'good' AppMobi is.

So, i started to get a bad feeling about them and I think I will try to get my game going with iOSImapct. Thanks as always for your suggestions.

1 decade ago by Arantor

This is why I won't touch AppMobi with a barge pole. I accept that when I first tried to use their product, there was a misunderstanding on my part - they have three products all with 'XDK' in the name and the FAQ says that the 'XDK' is free. Only it doesn't say which XDK is free. (Only one of the three appears to be.)

When I tried to point this out, albeit in a frustrated and undiplomatic way, I was accused of not wanting to pay for their software - which is inaccurate, if I'm lead to believe something is free, then suddenly I'm being told I have to pay even to try it, something is very very wrong. I have no qualms about paying for software, more than ready to hand over cash, if I'm satisfied it's worth the money, and I'm not that hard to satisfy.

In this case it took an awful lot of frustration before the guy clued in on the fact that I was using a different product to what I thought I was using, but not before he'd insulted me. When he finally realised what was going on, the impression I got was that he wasn't bothered by it but simply relieved that his company weren't in the wrong, which as a potential customer is extremely off-putting.

To be honest, I have no desire whatsoever to deal with a business who treats their customers like that - if you want me to give you money, don't treat me like a freeloader and if I have what I think is a legitimate complaint, DO NOT brush me off like dirt off your shoe, because even if it turns out that it isn't legitimate, I feel like it is at the time I make it. And if you deal with me like that, god help me if I ever used AppMobi and had a real problem that needed solving.

I find it interesting to note that more than one person here was using AppMobi a while back and is now actively exploring iOSImpact instead, which is interesting if nothing else. Mind you a lot of the stuff I'm doing is intended for web deployment rather than app deployment so it doesn't make as much difference to me as it might.
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