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1 decade ago by MikeL

I decided to start a thread so that we can post or comment on useful or informative articles about Javascript.

I think this article: Javascript, 5 ways to call a function
is particularly useful in helping to dig deeper into the hows, whys, and variations of javascript function calls.

1 decade ago by Jib

Hey MikeL, great idea!

there is a great "new" resource for people wanting to learn more about JS:

JS is really an amazing language but sometimes so... frustrating when you don't have the keys :)

1 decade ago by MikeL

Wow! Outstanding article Jib. Wish I had read that a while ago. I will certainly be re-reading and referring back to this article. Much appreciated!

1 decade ago by MikeL

I liked this article about javscript timers from John Resig. It's helpful to see how asynchronous Javascript execution works.

I think this may explain issues with sound delay as well as the lag time between mouse and pointer/entity movement.

1 decade ago by Jib

Interesting article on avoiding garbage from the guys of Construct2:

As always, Dom's code is amazing but it's useful to have those in mind when working on our games and plugins!
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