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Where The Fuck Is My Brain?

 by Myyyvothrr
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1 decade ago by Myyyvothrr

My first One Game A Month, a 2D platformer created with Impact.

Somehow you lost parts of your brain. You wake up in an old castle, now trying to find your missing brain parts to regain your skills and escapeā€¦

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<a href= Play here

More screenshots and a playthrough video.

Sourcecode is on GitHub.

What do you think?

1 decade ago by barthak

Kind of reminded me of the old school Prince of Persia.

I walked to the right first trying to jump, but it wasn't enabled until you go left and down, nice. Good work :)

1 decade ago by unstoppableCarl

Looks really solid. Those are some big pixels though. I really like the perspective you have the background.

1 decade ago by Myyyvothrr

Thank you for playing :)

In February I added a second chapter to the game. You can now explore the alien ship and fight the big alien boss! I created new graphics for the ship and added features like platforms and the laser rifle. At the end you have to fight the boss, the alien attacks you with a laser, tentacles and it spits out small aliens.

Play here or on Game Jolt.

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