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1 decade ago in 1GAM - Super Resident Raver:

Looks great. how do you shoot?

1 decade ago in Flood fill path-finding (same path for all entities):

Very cool. I was looking for something like this too.

1 decade ago in Escape from Tolagal:

mattahj Looks really good. The font is distorted and is difficult to read. Ar…

1 decade ago in Thoughts on object pooling?:

lTyl do you have code to share?

1 decade ago in Whats your background?:

LAMP stack developer

1 decade ago in New Impact Game Contract Work - demo and Kickstarter!:

Very cool. I am interested in seeing how you did your particle effects and your…

1 decade ago in Code for aiming with a mouse:

I have been doing it like this: ## var mX = ig.input.mouse.x +…

1 decade ago in What 'sold' you on impact?:

I was impressed by the example work. After researching and comparing I couldn&#…

1 decade ago in Font Colors:

docmarionum1 that is pretty cool thanks! Why do you think it is asinine? I don&…

1 decade ago in Highlighting tiles on 2D map:

I would make a new layer with a tile sheet that was just a red square. then whe…

1 decade ago in #1GAM: Where The Fuck Is My Brain?:

Looks really solid. Those are some big pixels though. I really like the perspec…

1 decade ago in Oxygene:

Looks very nice. The graphics are quite good, are you the one doing them?

1 decade ago in Dragon Plunder:

Looks really good. in some places I can't seem to jump high enough to get …

1 decade ago in Entities hidden in Weltmeister, because I override the draw():

What exactly did you do to resolve this?

1 decade ago in Box2d collision destroy body:

I am also having this problem

1 decade ago in Little Big Mansion:

This is quite brilliant. Its nice to see fresh concepts. very well executed wit…

1 decade ago in Multiplayer tanks:

Very cool. The background textures are quite nice. Do you know who did them or …

1 decade ago in Deus Gregis (alpha):

Very nice! the time scale seems a bit slow. Would be cool if you could set it t…

1 decade ago in Creating Menus & Buttons In-Canvas?:

lachsen: posting the code even if not completely compatible would be good for r…

1 decade ago in hexgrid wargame, storing tile info, and other questions:

I'm working on a turn based wargame that uses a hex grid. I have a lot of …

1 decade ago in custom background-map.js file:

I want to make my own background-map.js file. I need it to handle hexes instead…