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1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

My shot at RTS. I'm working on it about 6 months now.

I'd appreciate and welcome any improvement ideas and criticism from you fellow impacters :)

Happy new year!

1 decade ago by alexandre

Excellent idea. Gripping play. Looking forward to chapter 2. I felt the touch+hold delay for setting destinations was a bit long. I'd reduce it to 1/2 of current value. Also, panning seems a bit tedious. Might be better to do so inside minimap (didnt try that though; was just following instructions). 4/5.

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Thanks for the comments. I reduced it already and the minimap scroll is a must. It was already there on Dune2 :) For panning on PC I'll add "wasd" and border-scrolling as SC.

1 decade ago by unstoppableCarl

Very nice! the time scale seems a bit slow. Would be cool if you could set it to 2x like in most tower defense games.

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

alpha 1.0 is ready. 3 tutorial levels and some more polish.
You can use <esc> to skip cut scenes and <enter> to win the levels.

Will appreciate feedback as always.

10 years ago by spacehunter

Love the introduction, story and music. The graphics are simple but affected. The controls felt good too. Nice start, keep up the good work ;)

10 years ago by copman

Very well done, i like it a lot, congrats!

10 years ago by copman

just one thing: it does not (unfortunately as many games here!) start in ie (9)
do yourselve a favor and do not ignore IE!
the cool thing about impact is, it runs on any browser, if you want so...

10 years ago by dungeonmaster

Thanks for the comments.
@copman I checked it with IE10, it's working. I don't have ie9. Do you know what's the problem?

10 years ago by drhayes

Wow. I'm in love with the intro and controls. Too bad I'm at work and can't play it more right now!

10 years ago by maluslupus

excellent work!! very well polished! have enjoyed playing this till the puppy decided it was time to play tug lol

maybe add short-cut keys for the actions?

10 years ago by copman

yes i think so...
i've had the same problem with superjack (
it's that the loader fails to load more than one sound file, just in IE9 !
it's not in IE10, as i've released superjack for windows8(, which means ie10....) with many different sound files...

i've just made a version with only a sinlge music title as in the link above....
maybe dominik can help here !
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