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1 decade ago by city41

This is a game my friend and I have been making for OneGameAMonth, it's our February game:

I estimate it to be about 70% done right now. Would love any feedback you guys may have!

1 decade ago by mLautz

I played some of your game before, and really enjoyed the art and gameplay. Keep up the good work :)

I wish I had time to check out your progress, but I can't at the moment. :/

1 decade ago by alexandre

This is excellent. I too wish I had more time to explore this. Also, good job with the intro. A good example of simple narrative techniques.

1 decade ago by unstoppableCarl

Looks really good. in some places I can't seem to jump high enough to get to the next platform?

1 decade ago by city41

@unstoppableCarl -- yeah, I need to work on that. There are several factors causing that. I will definitely have the physics totally figured out and working awesome before the game is done.

Thanks for checking it out guys! Glad you guys are digging it!
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