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Contract Work

 by Damaestrio
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1 decade ago by Damaestrio

Hey everyone, I'd like to share my new game, Contract Work: a customizable, cyberpunk 2d shooter, powered by the Impact engine!

You can play the demo here:

And please check out my Kickstarter Campaign!

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be releasing some of the tools I used for this as open source as soon as I get the time.

1 decade ago by unstoppableCarl

Very cool. I am interested in seeing how you did your particle effects and your mini map.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

A lot of work was done here. The main guy can walk, run, jump, double jump, crouch, shoot, hack... I like the fallings fireball effects when you kill a flying creature.

1 decade ago by Damaestrio

Thanks for the replies! I'm in the middle of a lot of game updates for the campaign (please check out the new version!) but after the campaign wraps up I'm planning on releasing versions of the mini-map and particle system.

1 decade ago by maluslupus

congrats mate I've played this game loads at work! when i get home gonna support ya on kickstarter definitely want to see more of you work in the future!

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Great looking game. It's clear you've worked really hard on it. How long have you been working on this? I'm really looking forward to you releasing come code examples.

1 decade ago by copman

absolutely amazing soundtrack!

1 decade ago by lazer

This is look really cool and great job with your Kickstarter!

My one critique right now is that it all looks very busy, and the links to actually play the game were a bit buried under all of the other information (and then the Next links to proceed through the instructions and on to actual gameplay). The environment is also somewhat "busy" in the actual game, and with different transparencies and looks etc it was quite difficult to orient myself at first. However, the game plays very smooth, the soundtrack is amazing, and the functionality you already have in is excellent.
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