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The Minion Escapes

 by eLouai
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10 years ago by eLouai

Yes you heard right. Had to submit a game under 13k.
Took serious hacking and at the end had to give up on sound 3k (self generated javascript program )

Yes and I used impactjs. ... kinda ....

Most of the effort was just getting the compression down to 13k. I savagely reduced impactjs library to accomodate that. I mean I was brutal.

On a side note: impactjs needs to play nicely with google's closure compiler (after baking). That could have saved the sound and allowed for extra graphics and more levels. Ended up using uglifyJS.

Let me know what you guys think.

Oh, all the controls are just a single spacebar. If in doubt hit the spacebar.

10 years ago by NellG

Looks good. I like how the bodies pile up at the bottom of the screen. It made me go and have a look at how big some of my projects are... 13k really isn't a lot.

10 years ago by eLouai

Thanks, If you played it please rate the game. Remember this is 13k only.

The one problem I have with impact is that it kinda tries to shoehorn an object oriented approach into the framework. Hence there is more biolerplate code to get that to work instead of playing up to javascripts strengths, as a prototyping language.

Here is an interesting article on best practices when creating a framework which I found useful.
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