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Bobo Jump

 by mkwgames
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9 years ago by mkwgames

The unfortunate egg fail into canyon. The egg hatched and there the little BoBo saw the world for the first time. Without a sight of Mama, BoBo started to cry but then Bobo realized that the egg must falling from the nest. BoBo saw a spring nearby. With this Bobo used it to climb back to Mama.

9 years ago by copman

sorry - but facebook - this is a pain............

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

I can't get it to work in FB, just shows the logo and there are some console errors. But the premise sounds like this animated cartoon I made in 2000

9 years ago by mkwgames

Hi I just changed the game url to facebookless version. If there is still error, please send me the error. I would be very appreciated.

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Gameplay is very smooth, graphical quality, animations of the BoBo are also very nice. I played it for some minutes. For my part, I can't really calculate the jumps. Most of the time I hit on a saw-blade, or fall off a cliff etc. Overall I found the game a little bit too hard :)

9 years ago by mkwgames

Thanks for the review dungeonmaster. We will see how we can make it easier to calculate the jumps.

9 years ago by drhayes

This is great! The animations are good, glad too see someone's using AppEngine. ( ;

I got used to the jumps pretty quickly. I like that this endless jumper isn't a straight vertical one, that's a neat twist. I didn't play long enough to see if you're doing this, but... are there different materials for the walls?

Are the levels procedurally generated on the server? How'd that work out?

9 years ago by mkwgames

Hi drhayes. Thanks for the kind words right now it only has normal materials for the walls but we are planing to introduce more types of walls, obstacles, and monsters for the next version. :)
For the levels, we have a set of predefined blocks and we just randomly put them in the game.
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