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Chains of Fate

 by DanielGray
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1 decade ago by DanielGray

I finally finished my first impact game. The sequel to this game will have painted animations, 2 player co-op, skill trees, a longer more in depth story-line, and a continuation of this game's story-line.

It took me a good 6 months as the artist and coder. I would love to make a memorable experience for the user, so hopefully my game impacts the player in a good way.(unintentional pun)

1 decade ago by DanielGray

Changed link to free demo so you can try it out!

1 decade ago by DanielGray

The game is now free, so the link is the full game!

1 decade ago by Joncom

Since your game is free now, it might be cool if your game was playable outside of the store, in other words hosted at a URL you provide so people don't have to install it through Chrome.

Also you might wanna change this:
PLAY THE DEMO To make sure it runs well before you buy it

1 decade ago by DanielGray

I am going to turn the demo into a high performance version of the game. Also working on getting it on a website, for some reason game.min.js is throwing errors on the website, but not on the web store. The wildcard method for loading sounds is throwing an error, doublechecked the file paths and the sounds are there, just trying to get it working at the moment.

To clarify, the baked game runs on localhost and the chrome web store, but when hosted on the website, it has trouble loading the sounds for some reason.

1 decade ago by tharshan09

Daniel if your host is giving you issues, you can try host the game on github. Just create a gh-pages branch and put ur baked files in there, and just add a readme files for the master branch linking to the demo.

You can see an example here:
(yes I know my game sucks :P )

Best of luck with the release

1 decade ago by DanielGray

I'll test it out on github, originally I was going to put it on newgrounds so people can play it without logging in. Still getting that sound error outside of the chrome web store.

1 decade ago by DanielGray

Fixed the sound issues, used a solution posted by Dominic in the forums relating to loading sounds in the sound.js file. Also replaced the link to a link to newgrounds, so you can play it without logging in.

1 decade ago by DanielGray

It is now on newgrounds for free so check it out =D
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