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1 decade ago by Alasdair333


This is my second 1 game a month game and my second written using ImpactJS

The inspiration behind it was watching my wife cut our babies fingernails. It is always a challenge and we usually wait until he is asleep. Of course any wrong move and he starts to wake up.

I welcome any feedback good, bad, indifferent. I will use it to improve my next games :)

Thanks for looking,


1 decade ago by taddeimania

Very interesting concept for the game but playing this game is WAY harder than cutting my kid's fingernails.

All joking aside the game was pretty difficult... to the point where I closed it out of frustration.

1 decade ago by diligent

I had trouble reading some of the letters for the nails-they were a little too small on my screen, but I thought it was a novel idea.

1 decade ago by Alasdair333

Yeah, I think I'll tone it down abit.

Maybe make the blobs come down randomly and not together and of course make the text bigger :)

1 decade ago by Alasdair333

I've updated the game.

Added a ping sound,

I've made which keys to press abit move visible.

I've slowed it down and made the keys abit more random

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

It was ok. And complete. Which is good. Any reason you didn't use home-row for your letters? I press "U" and "H" with the same finger so putting both as different blobs makes it quite a bit harder.

I would probably make it so it starts out spacing out the blobs so you only have 1 at a time and a decent amount of time to go to the next one. This is going to teach the user which fingers are used where before it starts getting difficult.

Honestly though, I'd focus on your next game. Neither the gameplay or the topic is particularly interesting in my opinion.

1 decade ago by Alasdair333

Hi coreysnyder,

To be honest I'm not sure why I used top row keys, I guess maybe it was influenced by my recent playing on Surgeon Simulator 2013. I guess this is the reason why key configuration option would be a good idea :)

I think perhaps an attract mode which shows the game playing would be good idea, and you are right start slow 1 or 2 keys and then build up or again an Easy, Medium or Hard setting.

Thanks for your feedback folks, I will certainly take them forward to the next game. I know the games I make especially when working 50 hours & child are not going to set the world on fire especially when I plan to do a game a month. I'm just happy to experiment and see what works and what doesn't.


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