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Cold Trails

 by tobika
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1 decade ago by tobika

Hi there, first game I ever did :-)
In the beginning I was just changing the Pong demo of Impact and in the end I had a guy in the forest. Later a friend and I decided just to use it for a game and put a story and simple game mechanics on it.

The game should explain on it's own what you should do, hope it will do so and you can enjoy the nice atmosphere of the forest and walk around a bit.

Have fun :-)

INFO: somehow there are some annoying performance problems with the latest firefox during the night, if you have chrome it will certainly be nicer

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Interesting game. I really like the story and the game components like having to chop wood and build a fire. The effects of night and the ghost are cool. The story comes up in short enough sentences that you take the time to read.

But what about the ending? Sarah and the blood and getting back... it just kind of ends at a black screen... also, sound causes it to not work in Safari (.ogg files)

1 decade ago by Joncom

A neat game, very relaxing too. I enjoyed the music as well. Good job!
If I was to make one suggestion, it would be to make "imminent death" more obvious.
Perhaps the health and cold meter could blink/flash when you're about to die.
I died simply because I wasn't paying close enough attention.

1 decade ago by tobika

thanks for your tips and suggestions :-)
hope i will find some time soon to integrate them,
and sorry for the ending bug, there should be some final story part that doesn't show apparently, will try to fix this on the weekend

will write as soon as i updated it , thanks again :-)
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