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Coon's Escape

 by MaxDroid
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9 years ago by MaxDroid

Collect balloons and don't let them burst so you can keep your head above the raising waters and float to safety.

Controls: Tap - on touchscreens, Click on PC

Game tested on PC(chrome, firefox, IE11)
Android based phones & tablets Samsung, Nexus 4/5/7),
iphone 3/4/5 (safari, chrome),
iPad2,3 (safari, chrome)

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Kind of hard to control. I wish I could use the arrow keys instead of clicking

9 years ago by MaxDroid

Got the point..
The game was initially designed with this type of control in mind to make the game play a bit difficult.
However I modified it the way you suggested to and in this case I think that players on desktops would have the advantage towards players on mobile. LMK

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

The graphics are really cool and goes well with the music.

One small suggestion for the controls: It seems you are checking input.pressed(). If you check instead input.state() the cat can move towards my finger when I hold and release it. Should make controls much smoother. Also on PC I can just hold down the mouse button and the cat will follow the mouse pointer then.
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