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8 years ago by Ikarius

My first Impact-Indie-Game is finished. Try to catch as much coffee beans as possible. And beware of falling off the saucer.
Feedback is much appreciated :o)

8 years ago by copman

i like it, well done!

8 years ago by fugufish

polished game! @Ikarius sent you an email

8 years ago by Griegs

That's really cool. Love the music and sound effects.

Who's throwing all those beans and cubes around though? They'll take an eye out one day! :)

8 years ago by Ikarius

Thanks a lot :)
Unfortunately the music is not mine (though I own the rights). The same for the sounds. I took LEGO bricks to record the drop effects. Sugar cubes and coffee beans sound too sharply.
The three backgrounds are well known coffeehouses in Vienna, Austria. The "Hawelka", "Griensteidl" and the Segafredo located at the "Graben". It took me days to catch shots without guests and waiters ;) At last I needed some help from Gimp...

8 years ago by Ikarius

I did some fixes and opened the game for all browsers (Chrome, FF, IE, Safari, Opera). Hard to believe, but hated Internet Explorer renders the game most smoothly. Thought it would be Chrome.

8 years ago by fugufish

nice physics with the falling cups. very real game indeed.

8 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Really well done. I tried it the other day in Safari and it didn't work. Now it does. The credits at the end get stuck though. The scrolling doesn't work. Seems like a rendering/graphics issue.

This game is a good example of creative use of Impact because it doesn't look like a platformer or other collision type game we've seen before.

8 years ago by Ikarius

Thx! :) Yes, this game is... different.

@stahlmanDesign I confirm that there is a problem with the score table in safari. I tested it with windows safari with no problems, but I do agree the native safari on Mac OS refuses to scroll.
Hm. Will be hard to fix without a Mac.
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