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1 decade ago by TommyBs

My first Impact game that is publicly viewable. It's a simple infinite scroller game.

It still needs some polish, but the gameplay is there. I've also successfully ported it over to Windows Phone.

I've made stuff before with Impact but I'm always reluctant to share anything. I think it's more about being my own major critic and I'm never satisfied. I need to get over that. I want to release it on Windows Phone to prove that I can get something out there. The only trouble is I'm not that great at graphics. I made everything for this though, other than the dinosaur. That's taken from Jurassic Park on the SNES and as such I need to recreate it before I can release which is a pain! I'd also like to have a T-Rex at the top of the screen that is constantly chasing you, but again I can't create the graphics to a standard I'm happy with

Any comments appreciated

1 decade ago by tobika

hi there))

nice game, it was fun to play, and good that u made it public
i know it's not always easy ;-)
the graphics that u did are really nice :-) if u could do some splash screen
at the beginning it would be great to get more in the theme, but yeah, splash screens can be hard to draw

also some minor things that don't affect gameplay:
- would be good maybe to center the canvas in the browser window
- when it's game over would be nice to see the points (little in the top right) bigger as a motivation to try it again :-)

hope u stay motivated developing games :-)

1 decade ago by TommyBs

Hey Tobika,

thanks for the feedback, I did originally have the canvas centered, but as I've been making the game primarily for Windows Phone I focused on splash screen graphics for that device, as such the "web-based" version didn't have as much love in that respect. But I should update it, simple wins like that help make it more polished :)

Take your point about the points!

Ironically I'm not that bad at hand drawn art, I just struggle with the pixel art colouring and animation

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

Nice game! I second the splashscreen suggestion, as it is a bit jarring that it just starts right up into the game.

Also, a bit of polish on the car movement could go a long way, such as tilting the car when moving left or right so that it doesn't have the impossible lateral movement.

But it is a neat game so far! :)
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