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Don't Worry, I'm the Monster

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7 years ago by mikekarklin

Hi guys, just wanted to share my game Don't Worry I'm the Monster with you.

I figure it's a good example of impact running in 1920x1080 without issue. I also used NW.js to turn it into a stand-alone PC game.

Don't Worry, I'm the Monster is a game inspired by my experiences sleepwalking. It's like a fever dream where the only way to wake up and escape is to fight strange monsters that aren't really there. It features bite sized levels, precision jumping, combat, and some light puzzle elements.

I'm currently trying to get through the Steam Greenlight process. If you're curious how a game similar to this would do on Greenlight, only around 22% of people have voted yes that they would buy this game so far.

7 years ago by dungeonmaster

Hey, seems very smooth. Just voted on Steam.

By the way, have you made the art by yourself ?

7 years ago by mikekarklin

Thanks! Yea, it's my art. I was hoping people would appreciate a break from retro graphics.
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