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1 decade ago by svenanders

Celebrating the return of Dr Who this Easter, I bring you Dr Who Squared. It's a match 3 game using characters from Dr Who as tiles. It's all entirely done with ImpactJS.

Funny thing - in the beginning (sometimes last week) I wanted to try and make this game with entities and checks+collisions. I wasted a lot of time trying to make that work (it didn't). Finally went with a matrix and javascript arrays. I've come to the conclusion that if there's one area where I'd like to see javascript improved, it's with the way it deals with arrays. Seriously headache inducing.

10 years ago by tuttlegames

Cool stuff. Do you plan on doing 1GAM? I find that it seems quite conducive to relatively small projects like this.

One gameplay comment: if you have something like XOXX, you have to click on the first X and swap it with the O for the combo to be detected. If you click on O first and swap it with the X on the left, it's not accepted.

10 years ago by svenanders

Thanks for the feedback. I know, this is actually by design (only the one being selected and moved is evaluated). I've been considering if I should have both evaluated, and your comment has made think that I should :)

Oh yeah, I'm on board with 1GAM. It's a neat way of spurring me to make smaller games and release faster.
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