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End of the Worlds

 by manuelac
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1 decade ago by manuelac

End of the Worlds 0.1 pre-alpha

A game of spellcasting.

Create an account to save your
score in the ladder or play as Anon.

WASD to move around.
Left click for basic spell.
Collect scrolls and potions.

Game is in development.

1 decade ago by manuelac

EOTW is a browser roguelike.
We would like more people to try it so that we can work to make it better!
Thanks in advance for your time and if you feel like contributing please post your feedback!


In this game you are expected to survive as a mage.

Currently there are 16 spells: Magic missile, Fireball, Chain lightning, Iron shot, Life steal, PW: Kill, Chain root, Fear, Blizzard, Shield, Haste, Blink, Time stop, Mirror image, Invisibility & Telekinesis.

You start only with magic missile but you can learn new spells by picking up scrolls.

Health potions increase health.
Manergy potions increase flat manergy and increase the max amount of manergy you can regenerate.

Kill orcs, many of them!

10 years ago by FelipeBudinich

Link seems to be broken.
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