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8 years ago by RedStarZOn

Hey @Datamosh ! Thank you for your feedback, always appreciate some :)
The zoom effect is kind of a "hacky" trick.
I'm simply using CSS3 transformations to make it work :) (transform: scale(),

I have no plans to export this game to mobiles, so I can use CSS animations & effects as much as I want for now, but i'll try to not abuse them.

I'm currently creating a PHP Parser to export Tiled maps ( to ImpactJS Maps format, so i'm not changing impactjs map parser code, just creating a parser which will convert all these tiled maps to impactjs maps :) (sorry if I sound repetitive, i'm not a native english speaker :/ )

8 years ago by RedStarZOn

Hey guys !

Just a little update, I've finished to code my Tiled -> ImpactJS map converter class.
It's just a PHP Script which converts all the .json Tiled Maps inside the /levels folder into ImpactJS maps.

Here is a video to show you how it works:

Have a nice night everyone :)

8 years ago by RedStarZOn

Little update, started to make a new map !

Here's a screenshot of this one with the final rendering on the right and the editor (Tiled) on the left.

7 years ago by orangebread

Hi RedStarZon,

I was wondering, would you mind sharing your Tiled to ImpactJS map converter?

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