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Graina (v0.09)

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9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Update 10/2015: Released v0.9. New levels, tutorials, widgets,...
So I finally released a playable demo.
The level is medium-hard, no tutorial or any kind of tips make it even more difficult.

Let me know what you think.

How to play
You need a computer with a mouse.
Left-click and drag to pan the camera.
Left-click on the tools (bottom-left of the screen) to select one
Vacuum cleaner: Use this to vacuum the sand into the bucket.
Sand bucket: Use this to put the sand to the scene.
Right-click: Use the choosen tool

If you need more explanation to play, you can find it in the previous gameplay video:

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Great idea but I find it extremely hard to correctly click on the icons. If I'm moving my mouse slightly when I click, it doesn't select. I love the Lemmings concept but don't like the gameplay. Took a while to figure out because right-click doesn't work if using a Wacom Tablet. When I used a mouse it worked but I still couldn't figure out how to save them in time. Too frustrating, unless I'm missing something.

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

I've been playing it some more and it's really well done. The water extinguishes the lava, lots of cool puzzle things going on.

It doesn't work with a trackpad, only a mouse.

Why not left click for vacuum and right click for bucket? Would be much more fun. It's irritating to have to change. Unless you are thinking of it being mobile where you click buttons to vacuum / pour, and then pan with swipe of finger. I tried it on mobile and right click of course doesn't exist so I can't do any actions.

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Hey thanks for trying and not give up. The level was meant as a proof-of concept for various puzzles just with the sand. So not totally user friendly

Yep, I got this feedback for the controls quite a lot. It converges to left/right to pickup/drop and maybe WASD for camera movement.

I'm not sure how to make controls for touch/tablet. Swipe to pan can work, not sure for the right-click. Maybe another touch button that switches between get/put but mehh.

9 years ago by drhayes

Lemmings! But with really cool liquid and sand mechanics! Neat. How'd you do the sand and stuff? The sounds are great, too.

Might benefit from having a pause button so I can scope the level out first.

I would love to have a keyboard shortcut for those tools, or left-for-vacuum and right-for-bucket. I realize there might be more tools later..?

For some reason I'm pouring lava out of my bucket along with the sand, even when I put it only on the dry land?

Occasionally weird things happen, like one pixel of lava is left bouncing around on the surface of the water killing my dudes and there's not much I can do about it.

The click-to-pan control feels slippery, like it's not welded to the mouse but is multiplied by some other factor. Is that the case?

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Thanks for the comments and checking out.

How'd you do the sand and stuff?

It's basically a celluar automata. I put the data in the 2-D array of the collision-map to enable collision with entities. I also slightly modified the collision map code.

I realize there might be more tools later..?

I somewhat changed the logic. You'll no longer have tools but only buckets that can collect or drop the elements with r/l click.

Occasionally weird things happen

Yeah, I know. I'm just not in the polishing mode, after the game is more or less ready, I'll deal with those issues. Same goes for lava dropping out of sand bucket.

The click-to-pan control feels slippery

The click-pan gives a velocity to the x/y axis of the camera. If you change direction or unpress the mouse button, it still glides a little bit. A nice feature for touch screens but feels slippery for mouse controls.

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Just update the release to v0.09 Play link is the same.
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