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Jewelled Stars Mythos

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9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Here is the web-playable version of my latest iOS game. I also used the polished graphics, sounds, etc..

Have fun :)

9 years ago by copman

looks like it does not load...

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Console says it can't load .ogg files in Safari but it loads fine in FF and Chrome

9 years ago by copman

yes, loads in chrome…

a nice game, made really well, cool effects & animations - story is a good idea…..
i like it….

9 years ago by copman

how did you make the star-effects?
did you use a particle engine or simply used impact-sprite-frames?

the menu is great…
the sync with the piano - nice...

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

@stahlmanDesign: I also noticed that. I just supplied the .ogg files to cut on the filesize. Maybe that is the problem.

@copman: it's an animated entity like you guessed.
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