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8 years ago by empika

Hey guys

Just thought I'd post a quick video of the jrpg engine i've been working on

Only attack is implemented, but you can see the battle timers, animation tweening, damage etc all working.
I'll be sticking a bunch of stuff up on github once I manage to pull it out and tidy it up.

Please excuse the crappy coder-art :)

8 years ago by Krisjet

Looks pretty cool!

From the looks of it an artist could easily make some animations and put them in the right place. Even though the art is simple it shows that you have a good understanding of the what needs to be animated, it really has that jrpg look. Will definitely check it out when it's on github :)

8 years ago by empika

Yeah, the tween plugin allows you to set animations for each phase, my art just sucks so bad i've left them all as idle :)

8 years ago by empika

Another video!

This time with updated timers. Each entity now has its own timer.

8 years ago by Jackolantern

Maybe I am alone on this one, but I actually liked the "all-in-one" timer. It seems like it could make things like boss battles very intense as you see an icon for yourself and the boss trying to win a little race to see who will attack next. I know it is the same thing as everyone having their own, but it makes comparing as simple as a glance.

8 years ago by empika

Thanks for the feedback Jackolantern.
To be honest, the new timers were the simplest solution to a problem. I couldn't work out how to easily display the character/enemy icons without having them overlap. It is definitely possible I just don't have the time at the moment to figure it out. I might re-implement them but I'm happy for the moment.
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