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9 years ago by mattahj

My first impact game :) I might get proper hosting, spruce up the html a bit and add a high scores back end at some point.

The documentation for impact is really awesome. Any time I got stuck I just checked the class reference or searched the forums and I always found the help I needed!

9 years ago by lazer

I really like the increasing transparency of the tail!

9 years ago by mattahj

Thanks! I liked adding those little touches :)

I got some real hosting now:

9 years ago by Krisjet

I found this game from the roguelike thread you just created. I like this game a lot, especially the way the "grubs" sort of fade out and fly away when you eat them, so don't take the following the wrong way:

I just wanted to say that while the increasing transparency of the tail looks good, game design wise I think it's a horrible decision. It makes it ambiguous at some points wether the tail is gone or if it's still there, and that is something that is very important that you communicate well to the player. Fading out the grubs in the same way is fine, it's not a life and death situation and it can create these "near miss" situations that add some extra drama. But your player won't thank you when he runs into a "near faded" part of himself. Other than that, great job on your first impact game!

9 years ago by mattahj


I know what you mean about the tail, I have crashed in to the very end a few times and raged because at the angle I was looking at my monitor it looked like there was no tail there. If I come back to this game in the future I would look at changing it, maybe changing the minimum alpha that the tail sections can have so you can always see them clearly.

Also though Id mention that the link I posted in here is now broken, the game is here:
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