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Las Aventuras de Bongo

 by gabbom
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1 decade ago by gabbom

Hello All!

We're proud to announce the release of "Las Aventuras de Bongo" (The adventures of Bongo) to the Apple Store!

"Las Aventuras de Bongo" is an educational book for children from age 4 that teaches kids about musical instruments while mixing narrations, videos and interactions.

We have developed this product using impactJS + AppMobi (now Intel) Game XDK platform.

The game is in Spanish, and has now been released for free for the iPad platform. We expect to launch for other platforms (Android, Kindle Fire, maybe FirefoxOS) in the near future.

Developing a Multiplatform game using this technology has proven to not only be the best way for me as a web developer to access the game development work easily, but having the support from both the impactJS and AppMobi/Intel community has been very valuable.

The app is going to be free for the next few weeks, so I invite you to download it ( Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Of course, if you have any questions on how we managed to get some of the things in the app to work, just let me know!

1 decade ago by mdkess

Congratulations on shipping! Your game looks very well made, I hope that it's successful!
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