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1 decade ago by gnx


I made an entry for the Ludum Dare #24 Game Jam.

It is called Super Charles Darwin!

LD page:

Direct link:

1 decade ago by TigerJ

Nice. I should put the LD link on my post too!

I had fun playing it. I posted a detailed comment in LD. Nice Game!

1 decade ago by onion

Great work so far. It's really tough though, I couldn't get very far - and it it was frustrating that it kept restarting at the start.
Also I thought the keys X and C a pretty weird choice of buttons. What's wrong with UP for jump, and SPACE for shoot?

1 decade ago by gnx

If I make an improved version I'll have some options with the keys.

UP is not good for jump because for example on my laptop arrow keys are very small and also you'd have to press jump with the middle finger most likely, which is not very accurate.

Personally I also like having jump and shoot (eg. action keys) next to each other, and SPACE has no reliable key next to it (because on different OSs it will be different).
Also the spacing between SPACE and the other lowest row keys varies wildly.

Thank you for the kind comment and I hope this shed light on my keyboard bindings :D

1 decade ago by gnx


LD #24 came and went. But Darwin continues, here is a teaser screenshot of what's coming:

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1 decade ago by TigerJ

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