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Grim's Christmas List

 by stuckie
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1 decade ago by stuckie

Just for ease of seeing it, here's my Ludum Dare Jam entry:

Coded by myself, with art and design from my wife, and horrible noises generated by me as well ;)

First time using Impact, and first time doing any sort of coding since I had to leave work due to illness in August, so it has been an interesting experience. It's gone well though, so hopefully I'll be doing more work with Impact soon :)

1 decade ago by Joncom

Wow, I love the art. The snowman in the first level looks fantastic. Good job overall too. Who knew little people were so dangerous to Death? :P

1 decade ago by stuckie

Thanks :)

The tileset is from the GfxLib-Fuzed pack from ( ) but Octopi ( my wife ) did all the sprites and screens - which I think are pretty awesome and work with the 8-bit like Arcade vibe we had going on ( which also explains why the game gets ludicrously hard towards the end... just like in the good 'ol days! )

I've put the source up too... though it's somewhat messy due to time constraints, and it being the first JavaScript coding I've done. You can grab it from the Ludum Dare page.

1 decade ago by stuckie

Just thought I'd put a more obvious note that source for this is on my github here:
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