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Legend of Equip Pants

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9 years ago by zachstronaut

The Legend of Equip > Pants is an episodic, puntastic pantsventure RPG where instead of equipping and upgrading a sword, you have to equip and upgrade your pants.

Enjoy each 15-20 minute Equip > Pants quest much like you would comics or a cartoon episode on TV. See if you can unlock all the secrets in every quest. Play again and again until you complete 100% of each episode.

*Now Playing*
- Special Mini-Episode: Panta Claus!
- Episode 1: The Underwerewolf
- Episode 2: Pantsylvania, Part 1

More episodes to come!

9 years ago by Apiheld

Interesting game, feels quite solid. Not entirely my type of humor, but I can imagine that people like it.

The "buy the coder a drink" idea is neat, although it took me a minute to really GET it. "Why does Google Wallet open? Even if I bought it, what would that be for? Do I need it to continue the game?" and only then occured it to me that it was a very meta-idea. This is the downside of that idea I guess: it breaks the game world and flow.

I do like the animations. The gravedigger is very nice. The growing into werewolf as well.

Some nitpicks:
- Collision is not good enough. You can easily get "stuck" by some invisible collision box of a tree or a pumpkin (pumpkins are really bad, because there are a good 10 pixels or so where you run into an invisible wall). I'd try to improve that
- Werewolf doesn't have a walking-up animation
- The player is damn sloooow. Can you make him faster? Or make the game world smaller. Parts of it don't serve any purpose anyways. E. g. huge cemetery, could be half that size. But running faster would be my preferred solution.

9 years ago by geminiimatt

Wow very inspirational and obvious tip of the hat to legend of z. The music sets the tone, the writing was well done. i agree this is not my type of humor but this was very well done. i have been working with impact JS for a while, keep up the great work. I am focusing on the things you got right, the moving in and out of buildings. Moving through the map is great.

9 years ago by ansimuz

I enjoyed this game :D
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