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1 decade ago by dariusk

I made a very simple Mario-style demo.

I got the Mario-style variable jump working from this article:

Ground tiles and enemy are from pgil:, enemy slightly modified by me
The player sprite is by Naruto[NU]:, slightly modified by me

1 decade ago by dominic

Wow, looks awesome already. Thanks for sharing!

One suggestion though: Make the size.x of the Player a bit smaller. Maybe set it to 24 and then give the entity an offset.x of 4 to center the "collision box" on the sprite again. As it is right now, the Player can walk a few pixels over the edge of a platform without falling down.

I will try to prepare a small demo for a Jump'n'Run later today, too. Probably a stripped down version of Biolab Disaster.

1 decade ago by dariusk

Good suggestion, fixed!

1 decade ago by dariusk

Updated it with a camera that follows the player and accepts arbitrary top/bottom/left/right camera panning buffers as well.

I based it off the "camera with dead zone" code I wrote and explain in this tutorial:
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