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1 decade ago by udelunar

Well! I have finished my first game created in impactJs!!.
You can download Windows8, from the chrome shop and being certified on facebook. Also is almost ready for IOS and Android;).

Hope you like it and please tell me opinions: D.

Thank you very much!

1 decade ago by DavidWeber

Link would help ;)

1 decade ago by udelunar

>///< I can not put the link to the store for Windows8, there are 2 options for chrome, go and put in the search Math Invaders or this link (although I have visits: P -> index.html)

Thank you very much: D

1 decade ago by Guinness

Very nice

1 decade ago by udelunar

Thx :D

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Very nice, pro, the music, the menus... bravo !

only i think the music could be boring pretty fast.

and just one little thing : the click handling could be improved :
- the click is not recognized if you click ON the object but
in, say, a part of the object which is in the trail of the object.
- the click is recognized if you click in the void, but in a part
of the screen where the object will be next frame.

i use latest Chrome (23) on Win7 64.

1 decade ago by udelunar

good morning

: O mmmm, will study how to fix this.

Thank you :)

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Man your menu's & overlays look awesome. Might I inquire how you pulled them off? I'm in the process of trying to convert my HTML menu's into canvas menu's and its no trivial task. Any advice or code examples would be greatly appreciated.

1 decade ago by udelunar

Hello! , My English is not good xD. I have not understood.
The menu is animated with opacity.
If you tell me you need to know what you describe.


1 decade ago by coreysnyder

In regards to menus:

Did you use a impact plugin?
Did you write HTML to Canvas like this?
Can you share any of your menu code, with any proprietary details removed?

One question I have is how you did the hover effect on the buttons to change them colors. Just use an image and set tile range from 0 to 1?

Do you manually place each button at a specific X/Y or are you using some type of layout flow (similar to HTMLs relative vs absolute positioning).

Is each menu: Settings, Scores, Main Menu set up as a different game and you use .setGame() to switch between them based on button click?

1 decade ago by udelunar

1) if I'm using impactjs, but I have not used the webmister.
2) All my code is created within the canvas.
3) For this purpose "hover" I have a single image.
if (! this.botonGoogle.focus) / / img.drawTile (x, y, selected tile number, width);
this.botonGoogle.IMG.drawTile (this.botonGoogle.x, this.botonGoogle.y, 0, this.botonGoogle.widthTile);
this.botonGoogle.IMG.drawTile (this.botonGoogle.x, this.botonGoogle.y, 1, this.botonGoogle.widthTile);

4) All game elements are cast in relation to the stage (x, y) (bottom 1st, 2nd asteroid lighting effect 3rd, 4th ......)

5) I keep data through:

this._Tools.readCookie cookieGuardar = var ("guardarMathInvader");
if (cookieGuardar == null) {
datosIntroducir var = JSON.stringify (this._arrayVacioDatos);
this._Tools.createCookie ("guardarMathInvader" datosIntroducir, 1000000);
Configuracion.leerFichero (datosIntroducir);
else {
Configuracion.leerFichero (cookieGuardar);

In my cookie keep all your information in all levels.


If I have not answered any questions you wanted to know, Ask me again. :)

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Thanks for the responses!
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