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Mondrian's Frogger

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1 decade ago by doobdargent

Hey guys,
didn't have time to make a proper game this month so I subscribed to the Ludum Dare #26 "Minimalism".

The first thing I thought when I read the theme was a Frogger. Don't know why but it stuck. Then my friend told me about the minimalism art movement and I adapted the game to the theme. I think it fit the theme.

It's about a frog that is stuck inside a Mondrian's painting. The goal is to jump as far as possible.

Hope you like it!

1 decade ago by drhayes

This was great! I think the execution is really good (that looks like a Mondrian painting to me) and it made for really exciting, short gameplay. Nicely done!

1 decade ago by doobdargent

Glad to read that. I appreciate.

1 decade ago by bitanical

Great concept and fun to play. I loved how the tiles changed each time. I hadn't thought about a frogger idea. I created an entry using Mondrian's style as well, but based on color mixing.

1 decade ago by garyk1968

Loved it!

I was a big fan of frogger back in the day
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