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Bigfoot in the Caves of Ice

 by giodif
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1 decade ago by giodif

x = jump
c = action ( to interact with things: doors, pedestals, water, climbable surfaces, etc )
up, down, left right arrows = movement

My first game. Still early in development but, I've got a lot of features working. Bigfoot can climb and swim. I have implemented destroyable walls and pedestals where gems are mounted.

No sound yet, but I'd love to get feedback on anything: gameplay, design, features, etc. whatever you think is pertinent.

Some parts are a still a little rough ( speech bubbles, injury animation, and much, much more ). I'm also still working on most of the illustrations for the narrative parts of the game ( the images that go along with text descriptions ), so the narrative might be a little boring.

Goes without saying: INCOMPLETE! :)

Anyway, a few screenshots:

/><br />
<br />
Swimming<br />
<img src=

1 decade ago by giodif

Forgot to mention. I'm testing on iPhone4, iPhone5 and iPad mini at the moment. Will work in Android phones when I can get a few for testing. Let me know what you think about how the game plays on mobile if you have these devices.

In theory, other iPads should be fine as well. :P

1 decade ago by copman

i like it, hard work, that's obvious...
the (retro-)graphics are very nice, many people will love them.
the main-character is well designed & animated, control is good with keyboard...
sound is (very) essential, so go and complete it!

1 decade ago by drhayes

This is fantastic!

I liked how the first few levels showed me an area I couldn't get to so that I was excited to explore it once I got back. I'm really in a level design headspace right now and I hadn't thought of doing that before. ( =

I like the little touches, too -- bits of grass, a bush here and there.

I'm jealous of your art. I like the sprites; each one really has a lot of character.

The jumping felt a bit floaty to me, but that's personal preference.

1 decade ago by giodif

@drhayes I agree about the 'floatiness' of the jumping; already on my list of todos. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm adding most of the audio this weekend and will repost once I've got that in place.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

This is looking great and the different ways to move around (swim, climb) are cool. They need a bit of tweaking. It was hard to figure out how to jump out of the water. But this is really well done.

1 decade ago by giodif

Thanks @stahlmanDesign. I had trouble with swimming because the collision box is so different from the normal walking collision box. Bigfoot definitely feels like he sticks in the water a bit too long before jumping out. I'll tweak it. Thanks for the input. :)

1 decade ago by giodif

Aight. This game has been updated with sound, complete levels, and an overall polish that will have to be good enough. =P

I made the music and most of the sounds as well. Pretty proud of that, actually. I've never produced music for a game before. Listen with headphones, I'm right pleased.

Game audio is a bitch, so I disabled it on mobile. I couldn't find a real, workable solution. Too bad.

Let me know what you think about the additions. Work your way past the Forest and through Chupacabra's House. The Caves of Ice are the best part of the game.

If anything is too confusion, I've also included an instructions page.

1 decade ago by GameLover11

I love it, to me no problems with it
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