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JailCat Jimmy

 by NiallC
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1 decade ago by NiallC

Check out my new demo game . I only have two levels designed to date but plan on developing further. I based the code on Jesse Freemans game "Resident Raver" which he guides you through in his book "HTML5 Game Development with Impact JS".

The whole thing took about 2 months to do as I was working on other designs on my portfolio at the same time. I wanted to gain a better understanding of 8 Bit Pixel Art and HTML5 Game Design so came up with JailCat Jimmy character. He is inspired by classic retro game characters such as Sonic the hedgehog and Mario. I only have two levels designed to date and it might still be a bit buggy, but I plan on developing the game further with more levels / rewards / and baddies!

1 decade ago by c0nfus3d1

It was fun until I jumped off the level in the first level! and then I got stuck in the second! lol but I like it!! It's got a classic feel!

1 decade ago by NiallC

I know! It's still a bit buggy and needs a bit more work. I have a few ideas for developing it further. I wanted it to have a classic retro look alright. Thanks
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