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Operation Penguinate

 by bitanical
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10 years ago by bitanical

Defeat the aliens and free the penguins.

Operation Penguinate is my 2nd #1gam entry. It's a simple little platformer with penguins, aliens, and balloons. It was inspired by (and in some ways is a clone of Biolab Disaster), but different enough that it's fun on its own.

10 years ago by end3r

I'm getting errors on the loading screen, all of the sound effects can't load and the game is not working:

uncaught exception: Failed to load resource: media/sounds/laser-gun.*

I'm using newest Firefox on Mac.

10 years ago by bitanical

I just saw that. It's fixed now.

Here's what happened:

Apparently, when I loaded those files to Amazon S3 the headers were set to "binary/octet" by default. Firefox won't play ogg files unless they have the correct "Content-Type" of "audio/ogg" for audio and "video/ogg" for video.

So, I set the preferences in my version of Transmit to send the files with the correct Content-Type and it seems to work great now.

One of the quirks of working with Amazon S3.

Thanks for pointing that out!

10 years ago by end3r

As you said it is quite similar to the original Biolab Disaster, but it's fun and works good :)

10 years ago by bitanical

Thanks for the feedback end3r! I'm glad you liked it. I may have to add some more originality to it though, I agree.
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