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1 decade ago by hallsofvallhalla

Hey all, thought I would post my WIP RPG. It is in very early stage. Still developing.

WASD keys to move, L key to harvest rocks, trees, plants ect.. Don't have attacking working yet. Once in ship move to screen to land on planet. Still ugly but just started :P

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Looks like a good start. I wasn't able to land on any planet so I was stuck on the ship. Good start on using HTML elements with the Impact canvas. You'll need to work with the positioning more as things float around if you resize the browser window.

Friendly reminder, you should Bake your code before putting it in public view.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Yeah me too dont really know what to do to land anywhere

EDIT - You need to click on destination LOL... I guess it would work better if you bind the keys rather than require mouse just for flying anywhere

1 decade ago by hallsofvallhalla

ah didn't know about bake, thanks!

Yes you need to use the mouse to click the destination. The game will have quite a few mouse features so it will flow together...eventually :)

Thanks for the comments.

1 decade ago by gort

Your link is dead. 404 NOT FOUND. you should try to keep up with all your links.

1 decade ago by ckcollab

It's from two years ago!

1 decade ago by gort

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