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1 decade ago by TigerJ

have fun :) some devices are still propagating.

edit I know the music is not looping, going to have a new build out tomorrow to fix it.

1 decade ago by andregarzia

Addictive game. Was it built with phonegap?

1 decade ago by TigerJ

I used CocoonJS to build it for Android. I'll get a big write up about the whole thing soon at I had a couple "hiccups"

1 decade ago by Jerczu

How did you fix the font issue?

1 decade ago by TigerJ

I used the context fillText to draw the fonts instead of ig.font

For some reason some phones were not liking the png (was using the default font png from impact ~lazy~)

it was not all devices and searching goolge was a total fail sorting through thousands of "my text messaging sms is blah blah blah" and cooconjs hype posts

Eventually I found this 5 month old post in our own forums:

As I was 1/2 through rewriting all the text calls to use ig.system.context.fillText() I starting talking in IRC and the idea came up to make an array and omit _loadMetrics all together... but I was already 50% or more through changing out ig.font.draw() and feeling really tired, burned out and eager to get the game up on the play store. Also I didn't own any devices having the issue so:

baking impact
uploading to cocoonjs cloud
waiting for apks to be emailed
extracting the debug apk
uploading to my server
messaging my testing friend who has a life + device having issue
waiting for his text message back

is not the most streamlined process to try and mess with it.
I'll probably make a few test games later on to figure out what cocoonjs, ig.font, and the htc thunderbolt/samsung galaxy s ii are doing to the png images.
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