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Starbase Defense Corps

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1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Update 13.01.2014

Starbase Defense Corps is in alpha stage finally.

A new look on the Tower Defense genre.

Now there are 7 levels plus a boss level.

Functioning research and level mastery.

blog adress :

1 decade ago by immortalnights

This is really coming along. I remember being caught up with it on one of the earlier releases and now it's even more engaging.

A few issues and comments
-Having applied the "Asteroid Mining 1" I can no longer start a level due to the following error:
TypeError: this.upgrades[category][subcategory] is undefined game.min.js:565

-The "Downsizing" upgrades actually make the weapon more expensive, instead of cheaper. (Confirmed for Rockets, but pretty sure I've seen it on Cannon in other plays)
-The score counting is too slow for higher scores - I know I don't have to watch it, but I like to see how well I've done. :-)
-Double speed persists if I restart, even though the icon resets to X1
-I'd quite like a X3 :-)

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster


Thanks a lot for the comments and the encouragement :). I fixed all the bugs you mentioned and some more. Score counting is also adaptive now, more score you have, faster it is.

X3, maybe. Just that I'm not sure if it'll still play on iPad2 with X3 due to too many calculations.

I'm currently working on a tutorial, some more levels then I'll try my luck at AppStore.

1 decade ago by immortalnights

(I assume I'm gong to have to wait for the update to be applied to the live version? :-P)

Some more comments / issues:

- Sell doesn't require confirmation. If I have two towers above and below one another, I have on more then one occasion fully upgraded the top tower only to sell it when attempting to select the other tower.
- Some tower statistics would be nice. It's always good to see what different upgrade levels do. Specially when upgrading a tower often costs more then building another one.
- Actual statistics would be good for research too. By what percentage do the different research projects provide? (This would help with research bugs too)
- I don't think damage upgrades are working correctly either - at least not for the stasis tower. Before the upgrade the towers alone did a little damage, after upgrading they appear to do no damage

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Hello again,

As for update, I finished all the researches. Now you can drop nukes and use the all-mighty stellar convertor!

The first galaxy is complete, with 16 levels, new enemies, 2 boss levels, some tweaks. Also I decreased the upgrade cost for the towers.

Tutorial is also complete. I'll update the web with the final version soon.

- I thought of making confirmation but eventually decided not to do so. But I increased the alpha of the button, so you really can't see the underlying tower and make less itch to click on it :)
- I'd add tower statistics in the form of an help screen.
- Yup, I'll add it to each research explanation
- Problem is, the status tower does solo little damage that you can't see it really. I increased it a little bit.

P.S.: Game website is giving "bandwidth exceeded" at the moment. Trying to increase that now.
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